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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day Twenty-four-- The plot thickens, congeals, and becomes lumpy

So, as you're approaching the end of a WIP, do you ever think that maybe you've got too much plot? I mean, clearly, you need plot. A story without plot is like gravy without flour or starch of some kind. (When my kids were on the gluten free diet--common among Autistic interventions--I made gravy with potato starch. It thickened so fast. I know it's also common to make it with corn starch--but strangely--I'm allergic to corn.) Anyway, enough about gravy. I have gravy on the mind with Thanksgiving coming. Mmmm. Gravy. I love gravy.

Yes, gravy--I mean, plot is important.

I should have something with gravy on it for breakfast.

Hold that thought. Back in a bit. Gravy.

I love microwave dinners which make it possible to have gravy at 8 a.m.

Anyway, so plot and Scorched. I think I have too much plot. I've got side plots. Main plots. Plotting plots by two separate villains. I think I've over-plotted. Do you ever take out plot points on revisions? Too much plot! Even if I can resolve all this plot... it might make for a lumpy finished product. Too much. Too much. Too much.

In my ill-plotted personal life, the water pump continues to vex the husband. T was a maniac last night from hyper energy. My migraine continues to play hide and seek. I did go see New Moon with my friend yesterday. I liked it, but I know where it goes from here. I've read the fourth book. Why did I read the fourth book? It killed the series. Plus, it felt creepy to watch the movie and think Jacob was so hot. I felt all cougar... and like I needed to shower off the "thirty year old lusting over a teenager" weirdness. I felt the same thing when Harry Potter was doing that theater run including a nude scene. (No, I didn't look at nude pictures of Harry Potter. That's just a whole new level of weird porn.) Even the playbills made me feel all creepy "old woman" stalker, though. Eww. Gross. Wrong! Put some clothes on.

So, I may be able to finish Scorched today--not like "finish" but complete it. Well, that might require me to ignore my house for another day--which I'm not sure that should happen. The poor husband is living in squalor that should cause weeping. I've been sick for so long and then working on NaNo when I'm well. Blech. Seriously. Bad. Bad. Bad.

If I ignore other blogs to do those things, you all won't hate me, right?


  1. I say, do whatcha gotta do!

    Also-- totally get the whole Jacob thing. I felt the same way. *blushes*

  2. LOL, thanks for the laugh-- I hope that was your intent-- and ya know, my last few novels suffered from excess gravy, I mean plot. In fantasy, I think that's more acceptable than some other genres.

    Good luck finishing Scorched!

  3. My intent is always for the cheap thrill and the easy laugh, Tere. :)

    L.T.-- Did you get the opposite reaction when pale and pasty-white Edward stepped out without his shirt on? Blech. Okay. That was icky after so long staring at tan and buff Jacob.

  4. Ah, Wendy. You always make me smile. I love gravy, too. Maybe you and I should get together, eat something with gravy, and you can give me some of your plot, since mine feels plotless. Ugh!

  5. YES! Too much plot. I have bunches to tie up; I'm dizzy.

    What do they say about keeping to your theme? Maybe that's my problem...I can't remember.

  6. I have the exact problem--too much gravy. I mean plot.
    When I started SRH, I wasn't sure what direction it was going in, so I developed all these different side-plots because I was unsure of which ones were going to be the main ones and now there is way too much going on. The plan is to CUT, CUT, CUT when it gets time to edit.

    Enjoy your gravy...I mean story. Enjoy your story.

  7. I hate to revert to teen girl here, but OMG yes!

    I felt bad, because when I read the books I was all about Edward and Jacob just annoyed me. In the movie though, it was exactly the opposite.

  8. Okay, something is wrong with me. Even though I too had to take a shower fore shame of ogling a minor, I find Edward, well luscious. I know, I know, I know. What is wrong with me? He’s pasty, thin, white, and frail but he calls to me.
    "Grrr, yeah baby." (sorry Austin moment)

  9. Sometimes -- and I think this is related to your post -- I feel like I'm writing too much action and not enough narrative. Then, I'll try to write something that doesn't include action and it sounds sooo contrived.

    Hrmph. I'm frustrated with THAT.

    And I can't wait for turrrkey gravy.

  10. I'm with L.T. and you on this one, Wendy. I felt a little on the gross side thinking Jacob was hot and I really did get annoyed with him in the books.

    And the 4th book was awful!

    That said, I say just finish your book and then wrap up the plots. I kind of felt the same way with HATSHEPSUT, but then when I rewrote my ending everything came together perfectly. Just keep plugging away!

    And I think you and L.T. gave me your migraines. I haven't had one in ages but I had one yesterday. It was baaaaaad!

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