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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction- (Horny/Zombies/Peas)

No, not horny, zombie peas because that would be weird.

REALLY? You're still not over at Flashy Fiction? What on earth is wrong with you? Are you crazy?

Actually, this week it's been sort of slow. I think it has something to do with NaNo, but who knows. They have another contest starting for November. (You post on a prompt and win an entry into the contest. Then, you win--like I did--and you can't decide which item in your Amazon cart to spend your money on. Nail biting ensues. You sing a little Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. "I want the world--I want the whole world. I want to wrap it all up in my pocket--it's my bar of chocolate." Or something similar, because--uhh--yes, I did it from memory. Oh the shame.)

Even if you're not there to write, you should still follow it to see what Walt and Deb and the others write. Walt's been on fire this week--in his own blog. (He's not playing so well with others this week. His poetry has been amazing--so he hasn't needed the prompts apparently.) (Why does that make me sound a little writing handicapped? Sometimes we all need a little prompt now and then--it's natural. )

Anyway, here are my week's fiction from the prompts--short this week:


"I'm so done with Halloween, Robbie! Take those stupid horns off your head."

"Yeah. Babe, I've been meaning to talk to you about the horns..."


"I'm so done with Halloween, Robbie! Take those stupid horns off your head."

"Yeah. Babe, I've been meaning to talk to you about the horns.... Remember when we met at that bar a month ago, and I said I was here for you, Tansy?"

Tansy took a second look at her new boyfriend and said warily, "Yes...."

"That wasn't actually a pick-up line. I'm a minion and you promised your soul in exchange for an idea for your thesis," Robbie said, tossing back a handful of candy corn.

"You're here for my soul?" Tansy asked.

"What's left of it. A Doctorate in Criminal Psychology sure has sucked most of it already. Still the big guy figures you're qualified to work in HR--more so than the freaks he has there that actually worked in HR."

"I thought I had to be dead first," Tansy said suspiciously while tugging on one of his horns.

"You're cute, so I got an extension. You have until Christmas and then I'll kill you--most likely gore you with the horns. So, what's for lunch? I'm thinking french dip... maybe some cheese fries."

It was the best--and worst--night of my life.


It was the best--and worst--night of my life. I'd finally, finally, finally taken Chad to the Halloween dance. All these weeks of perfecting our costumes had paid off. We looked stunning together. Everyone had said so. He'd looked smug whenever he looked at me--as if he'd won something better than the prize for best costume. I felt perfect. We were perfect.

Then, they'd arrived. Their costumes looked authentic--really authentic--of course, they'd won. That wasn't the problem. Being there with Chad, my Chad, had been enough. He'd even kissed me during Monster Mash--which had been awkward as that's not really a "kissing" sort of song, but still, it had been really good.

It all went wrong when the "costume winners" went to claim their prizes. Well, no wonder they looked like a posse of evil zombies--they were. My costume couldn't have been more ideal for killing zombies. I had the huge scythe already. All that fake blood on Chad, though. He'd been a meal to go practically. I'd taken down half of them before I could chase after the ones that had taken Chad.

I won't say he is definitely dead, but I don't think I'm following fake blood anymore. I told him that he shouldn't ever go as a victim, but did he listen to me?

Nooo... not Chad. He thought a grim reaper had to have a victim along for show. It made sense of course, but still.... You just never want to be a victim.

Tonight was going to be so perfect too, you know?

Crap. Is that an arm?


"Please don't take this the wrong way, but I have something to tell you that's been bothering me."

-The Writer's Book of Matches


"Please don't take this the wrong way, but I have something to tell you that's been bothering me." I rubbed my forehead, trying to ease the tension. I'd tried--I'd really tried. "You are a mess. You leave a trail of disgusting food everywhere you go. I can find you simply by following what you drop."

He raised his hand.

"No, let me finish," I instructed. "It's more than that. I never have time to myself anymore. Everything about me is you now. I give and I give but it's never enough. You just keep taking."

He looked like he wanted to say something, but maybe he just wanted more of something--he always wanted more.

I needed to get this out, though. "I've given up everything for you. I can't sleep at night. I can't work. I can't even keep our house clean. It has to be enough for you."

Once again, he tried to interrupt, but I was on a roll.

"Then, there is the whining... and yelling. I've never had to deal with so much noise. I just really, really can't take it anymore. That's even before we get to the smell. Now, do we understand each other? You've got to cut me some breaks. Do you hear me?"

He clapped and laughed.

"Okay, pudding, open the mouth. Here come the peas. Zoom zoom, Tyler. Here comes the pea plane."


  1. The 2nd one made me laugh at loud and the third one is very cute.

  2. Oh Wendy, you are so talented and witty. I truly enjoy reading your blog. I will get over to Flashy Fiction, it sounds fun and challenging.

    Your not so secret stalker, with one eye. Please don't come hack me up like the vulture eye from The Tell-tale Heart.

    (i was going to put xx and oo's but then I thought creepy not funny if you don't know me then I would have to explain myself sounding like a babbling idiot and you see where this takes me, a freakishly long comment) Ok, done.

  3. Thanks, Mary.

    GWOE, I loved the Tell-tale Heart. I heart Poe. As an aside, the Rejectionist had a contest this week for the "best" rejection letter. There was a fantastic entry based on the Raven. Actually, there were a lot of great entries. You should go check it out.