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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Ten-- When the elements combine against you.

It turns out that my immunity is not like the Olympic Spirit that can survive despite great obstacles. My immunity is more like... something else... that I can't think of. I can't even think of a good metaphor--that's how lousy I feel.

In the middle of the night, my lungs and throat gave one last yelp before succumbing to this nasty illness. I was supposed to go watch my sister's four kids today so she could attend a funeral, but I sort of just want someone to take care of me. I ran out of soup yesterday. I'm also out of cold medicine. I also ate the last of my frosting in the middle of the night. It's chaos. I might have to cease my salute to Gollum long enough to go to the grocery store.

Ugh. We hates colds, my precious. We hates bronchial infections and sore throats. We misses our frosting and chicken noodle soup.

Tomorrow is a holiday for my kids. I get to spend all day with them. They're like most wild animals and can sense weakness. I swear they were five times as loud as normal yesterday. I will definitely need more frosting to cope with the stress.

Or... I could call on the goblin king to come take them away for the day. Does the goblin king take away kids for just a day? Sort of a child care sort of option? Maybe the carnies? Fairies swap out with their own children, so that's no good. I don't want to deal with an ill-tempered fairy child while I'm sick.

I'll have to think on it. (And by "think" I mean "stare off into space and cough and moan.")


  1. Poor thing - hope you feel better soon. Kids do sense weakness. Mine definitely do and take full advantage.

  2. Awww, feel better :(

    No, I don't think the goblin king will only take them for a day. Well, he will, but then you have to go into the labyrinth and get them back. Might not be so bad if you're familiar with it, but since he's tricky it's probably changed since the 80's.

  3. L.T., that makes my study of Labyrinth over the weekend just a pointless exercise of mindless entertainment. Am I the only one that thinks Davie Bowie was sort of hot in that?

    Mary, thanks. They pounce like little lions on the weak gazelle.

  4. Haha- David Bowie was hot in that. Labyrinth used to be one of my favorite movies.

  5. Feel better. I feel rotten too. It makes writing pointless, well anything creative anyway...

    Oh, and Labyrinth scared the bejebees out of me when I was a kid. I'm 27 now and still won't watch it. Yes, I'm a chicken.

    Wendy, stop by my blog for a fabulous prize. It's not chicken noodle soup, or frosting, but I tried.

  6. Poor you! :( I hope you feel better soon and that the kids behave for you. Put on a movie or something, maybe the TV will lure them in so you can get a little rest and quiet. By the way, I bow down to your awesomeness at NaNo. Your word count is staggering!

  7. Today = Doomed

    I got a call from the school because B had "forgotten" her lunch. I searched for it, couldn't find it, made a duplicate, and went to school--only to find out that it was in her brother's backpack. (He'd seen it, I'm sure, but he hasn't been told how to handle this situation, so he ignored it.)

    My car is getting a weird shimmy... which means another one of our tires which came from a defective "lot" is dying. Thank goodness I didn't drive an hour in the rain to my sister's on this tire.

    I went shopping and forgot one of the things I went for--due to my cold stupor. (Not frosting or medicine--thank goodness.)

    Now, I'm dealing with a church building issues that keeps getting more and more frustrating, and I'm in charge of scheduling the building. My emails back and forth are getting less and less "spiritually uplifting."

    Blessed be the peacemakers who don't crack skulls together.

    This day is sooo doomed.

    Mary, it "used to be" one of your favorite movies. Are you a fair weather Labyrinth fan? ;)

    Steph, thank you. My writing might be creatively bad today. My husband wanted to show the kids Dark Crystal--which scared the heebie jeebies out of me.

    Julie, TV will be my friend today. Thanks for bowing to my awesomeness. ;)

  8. I still like Labyrinth, but with all the amazing movies out there that one can like it fell down the list a bit.

  9. Ah Wendy, sorry you're having such a rough day. I hope the frosting and medicine make you feel lots better.

    Oh, and I thought Bowie was very hot in that movie. Most of the time I think he's somewhat creepy, albeit incredibly talented. :)

  10. You may be sick, but you haven't lost your creativity. I was cracking up with the Gollum impersonation.

    Good luck with the Goblin King!

  11. Oh my! Wendy, I've been MIA for a few days. I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick. :(

  12. Mary, okay... I take back the fair weather bit. Clearly you've got your ducks in a row and have carefully thought this over.

    Sesq, the frosting did wonders. If I'd been Jennifer Connely, I totally would have gotten Bowie's phone number. After all, the King of the Goblins doesn't come knocking every day and he HAD fallen in love with her.

    Catherine, thanks and if you're suggesting that I toss the husband for the Goblin King--well... okay.

    Deb, it's par for the winter with kids it seems. They become vile little germ bags--that you still love--despite their vileness.

  13. I have some goblins that'll take them... they won't be coming back, though...

    Feel better now (soon seems so far away)

  14. Wow, Bane, when you demand it like that... it really works.

    Unfortunately, I'll have to pass on your goblin offer. They can actually be quite adorable after they're asleep.

  15. I've threatened to sell my daughter to gypsies before. But no one took me seriously.


    Feel better- I hope you find someone to make a soup and frosting run for you!

  16. Giggle meter:
    lack of metaphor - check
    ill-tempered fairy child - CHECK
    meaning of "think" - check, check

    Sorry you are not feeling well but I can always count on your blogs for a witty giggles. See even in your slump your good.