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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ahh crap... who let the Monday in?

The kids... are doing poorly. They are still both home.

T started the day sobbing and screaming at me for ALWAYS waking him up when he is so tired. Then, he wouldn't let me get him out of bed. It's gone from bad to worse in regards to him. He THINKS he is staying home--thus all is right in his world. T is in for a rude awakening--and he thought he already had that. Mondays suck for T.

B is capitalizing on my rough morning and piggy-backing T's bad day. She keeps telling me how tired she is. HAH! I was up until nearly four a.m. with insomnia. She is preaching to the choir. I'd planned on breaking the rules and going back to sleep after I sent them to school.



Time to brave the tempest... wish me luck.


  1. Ayy, I know what you're going through. Not the insomnia part, the other. I am a low-down, heartless fiend. I send them to school. My four-year-old says, "Look at my face. See this? I am ANGRY at you." Lovely.

  2. Well, one bug made it to school. T is home with a "stomach ache." Both the kids are tricky in that they rarely recognize when they're ill. T has had raging ear infections that have gone unnoticed. His last puke-a-thon was proceeded by a stomach ache, but he can't recognize the difference between the flu and needing to use the bathroom. With all of the nasties going around their school... it's a tough call whether to send them to school. I took him with me to drop B off, but he said he'd rather come home and stay in bed all day.

    T is an odd boy. His chief complaint, aside from the stomach ache, is that this is all to blame on the days getting shorter. He assures me that this is at the root of his problems. I told him that I have little, if any, control over the weather or seasons, but he was unimpressed with my comment. How can you argue with logic that is both illogical and based on logic?

    This is why T and the husband get along. They're both nerds of the highest order. T will eventually take over the world with his evil genius and, when that happens, I apologize that I did nothing more than slow him down.

    T is also having an auditory sensitive day. A lot of kids with Asperger's have this problem. He keeps complaining that my typing is too loud. (He has some serious auditory issues that get worse when he is sick.)

    Ugh. Mondays. Kids. Noise. Insomnia. Bah! I had big laundry plans for today that a child home sick is undermining.

  3. Sorry it's been such a rough day, Wendy. My youngest, W, has some sensory issues that go along with the Aspergers, but thankfully they're not usually too extreme. We actually made it through 3 days of Disneyland last week with only a couple of medium meltdowns. Of course, it helped having the special needs pass so we didn't have to wait in the long lines - thank heavens for that!

    I let W sleep in this morning and go to school late. He was wiped after the long days at Disneyland last week.

    I hope you get more sleep!