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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cooking with Fire

So, I'm trying to avoid turning on the furnace, but the day started off at 28 degrees. If the husband were here, he'd light a fire. In the old days of my youth, I was a serious pyro but I've realized as an adult that starting fires is a lot of work. (I bet some of you thought I was going to say "dangerous" but you clearly don't know me well enough.) When I lived in Vegas, I used to go down to an abandoned lot and light things on fire--drove my parents nuts. I loved to start fires. In Florida, my friend and I used to start fires near her dock to burn anything we could catch in nets or buckets. (Burned jellyfish are funky--in so many ways. Also, jellyfish strained through nets do not re-form despite what cartoons imply.) Now that I'm an adult, I'm a lot less sadistic about fire... and dead things (in reality--still slightly so fictionally.)

Wow. This was a strange aside.

Well, I was just going to say that I've resolved this "heat" crisis by bundling up and intending on starting up my self-cleaning oven. So... not only will I be cleaning my oven... but I won't have to start a fire. Yay! Laziness reigns! All hail slackeritude!

I made some real progress on my WIP yesterday. I think I logged in about 5000 to 7000 words. I'm suspecting I'll finish at below the 75,000 mark for the rough draft but it'll swell with the final draft to around 80,000 words because I skip descriptions when I'm typing fast. I like to focus on dialogue and action the first run through. Next week, NaNoWriMo starts, and I came up with an idea for something new for that. I might try to finish up "Versus the Bounty" before I tackle this new project. My male MC in my Dystopian is AWESOME. He's really stepped up to his awesomeness. I have to step up with my primary antagonist today. It's time to get him hunting--possibly with dogs--no, definitely with dogs today. BAWAHAHA! I killed someone on Sunday and that was nice. That really got things moving.

See... fictionally... I'm still about killing things and lighting fires.

I should really go check my calendar to see if I was meant to accomplish anything today. So far, we're off to a rip-roaring start... as you can see. The kids were on time to school and--believe me--that's something. It was so soggy yesterday that laundry drying was taking eons, so that'll need to finish up today. Brr. Time to get to work on that oven.

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