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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come my woodland creatures- 10 things TMI

Diana challenged everyone via her blog to spew forth random trivia about yourself. Here are ten things you might need to go boil your eyes over:

1. I talk to myself, animals, inanimate objects, everything... all the time. This morning I yelled at a woodpecker. "REALLY! You REALLY think that's a good place to peck, idiot bird?" Yeah. My neighbor was outside. She thinks I'm crazy. She's right.

2. I once had a job playing Barney... the purple dinosaur... at children's parties. (I weighed like 110 lbs at the time and I'd sweat off my body weight inside that massive costume. I once did an outside party in over 100 degrees... even the kids were complaining.) I weigh nowhere near 110 lbs, but I can still do the voice.

3. I freckle... still... as an adult. I get freckles all over my knees during the summer.

4. Speaking of knees. I have trick knees. My kneecaps can slide out of place, causing intense pain. My doctor once predicted I'd have both my knees replaced by age thirty. I've decided to wait for my bionic upgrades until they can actually make me faster.

5. I've never received a speeding ticket.

6. The husband loves me enough that he didn't kiss me goodbye this morning. (He has the plague.) The husband is my soul mate, and I knew immediately after our first kiss that we'd be getting married. We were talking weddings within days. He's geeky and sometimes I want to kick him in his sleep, but he's mine.

7. I like fries smothered in cheese.

8. I believe in ferries. (snicker snicker)

9. I didn't get my driver's license until I was nearly eighteen because I was plagued by a reoccuring nightmare of hitting a pedestrian with my car. I still suck at parallel parking.

10. I have a strange "phobia" of even numbers.

11. I like odd and prime numbers.


  1. Oh yours are so fantastic (I knew they would be!). Now go back to my blog, right click the award and save the image onto your computer. Then edit this post, click "add image" up where you add links and make words bold etc. Upload the image, be sure to click "small" for size, and voila! It will appear :)

    We are twins on numbers 1, 3, 7, and sort of 9. I was eighteen, but because my close-minded family didn't see the merit in teaching a girl to drive. I LOVE the number 3, and all factors of 3 except 6. I love 3 so much that I love 9 even more (because it's really three 3s). And as I type this it sounds absolutely insane, but I enjoy seven and loathe 13. What am I talking about??

    And, HA HA HAHAHA on number 8!

  2. You're welcome. And I linked you as an official acceptor of the challenge :)

  3. Hilarious Wendy. I freckle too. All over my face and arms.
    I get a speeding ticket pretty much any time I speed. I can't speed ever.

  4. Oh I have two speeding tickets under my belt and I luckily managed to bat my eyelashes out of a third one. Now I'm like Mary. No speeding for me.