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Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Post is Empty

So, it's not, and that's ironic, but I didn't want every post to be ABOUT something just in case you felt the need to tell me something completely off-topic like "Wendy, last night I accidentally glued my eye lids shut, and the pain was intense, and it made me think of some of your writing--in a good way." See--how would you fit that into comment on a post? You couldn't. It'd be awkward and weird.

I will say that I'm going to scale back on my WIPs and drawer two of them, because I think having so many available is making me struggle with completing any of them. I've been working on "Versus the Bounty" the most lately. I've hit a snag with the Chosen Changeling. I like the concept, but it's not flowing clearly. October is a rough month for me. I'm allergic to mold spores, so October and April seem to kick my tail, so I'm either sleeping because I can't breathe or wide awake because I took something that keeps me from sleeping. It's a lack of mediums. It's Friday, so I sort of wanted to take a sleeping pill, and maybe I still will. I was hoping to get more writing done. I need to complete one of these WIPs. My brain feels a bit foggy from allergies.

Honor Six is struggling because I know the end and I'm half-way through... I just don't know the part I'm at. I started writing backwards from the Epilogue with the intention of writing the whole thing in reverse. I hadn't gotten very far when I realized that I didn't know the previous chapter's emotions. So, I can't write it completely in reverse. I might need to start near the end--near where I know what happens and write forward again. Writing chapters in reverse order sounds nuttier the longer I think about it anyway.

Ugh. Maybe I'm just not fond enough of any of these stories to drown myself in them. I certainly have liked writing portions of Honor Six. I love Honor. She kicks such butt. Oh! Oh! The voice of Speedy in the Honor books in my head is Christian Slater's. He looks a little like him, too... in my head. (Let's just be clear--I don't think of Christian Slater ALL the time. special occasions and holidays, but not ALL the time.) I should be able to figure out Reeve's voice because it's so distinct in my head. Hmm.

Okay. So, here is your empty post if you have anything you want to get off your chest. "Get off your chest" not "show off your chest" just to be clear. Let's not make it awkward. The awkwardness comes later.


  1. I did not like the Twilight movie - there I said it.

  2. See? I should have read this post first, then I would have felt completely legitimate about posting my birthday party vent comment.

    I haven't glued my eyelids shut or anything, but there is something I'd like to get off my chest. Hopefully there's an ointment for that.

    Okay, okay, enough of my bologna (baloney is better). I am off to write up this week's Book Talk. Thanks for having a No Post day, I'm pretty sure I'll use it again after the birthday party hoopla is over (there's that word again... hoopla. Let's make it code for poop, tee-hee!)

  3. Oh I had to comment again because my word verification was "feava" I love the way it almost spells things, like some colloquial character in a novel. "Hurry, hurry! She's a-burnin' up with the feava!"

  4. So, I think you and I are very similar. I have several WIPs (9), and still more that are sitting in my head just waiting to be started. I was at the same place. Which one, oh which one, should I work on? None of them are pulling me to them. One is finished, but requires a MAJOR re-write, which sucks rocks. I think re-writes are worse than writes:D I totally just made up a noun. Anyhoo, I won't show you my chest, but I will tell you that something that has helped me (immensely) is having a crit group. I was scared...oh-so scared. I didn't REALLY want anyone in my blog universe seeing how much I still need to work on my voice/dialogue/writing in general, did I? It was good for me. Very good. Gave me direction. Do you have a crit group? Beta readers? Anyone that can give you feedback.

    I write kinda like you, too. I'm a scene-sewer. If a scene comes to me, I write it down. Then it's all about bridging the gaps. And some of the gaps are huge. But when scenes come, I do not deny them. To deny them would be to deny their strength, clarity...heck, I might forget them and deny them altogether.

    I have nothing random to say and am feeling inadequate, so I will shut my cakehole.


    Tina Lynn said our super secret word of "cake" and cleverly added "hole" at the end.

    (I'm a big fan of cake. I've mentioned it in approximately a billion emails among friends this year.)

    I have family and friends that beta read, but I typically don't give them unfinished manuscripts with the exception of one sister that is impatient. Diana has been beta-reading a bunch for me lately. I like the noun "writes."

    Diana, I mispelled "feava" in my other post. Dang it! You get bonus points for using the improbable word "ointment" because I just didn't think I'd see that in a post.

    Mary, yeah... but did you listen to the audio commentary of that movie? I guarantee you that it was better than the movie and hilarious. You might not like the movie, but you'll walk away liking Rob Patterson and Kristin Stewart. I sort of liked the movie BUT I also watched it over a year after reading the books, and having forgotten more than a general idea of them. (That's how bad my memory is.) I think most everyone who didn't care for the movie walked in with the book fresh in their minds. I could be wrong, though.

  6. Do you take Zyrtec? It works wonders for my family.

    I am working on two projects too, I don't know what the balance really is. For NaNo I hope to finish at least one so I can move on to the other.

    Happy writing!

  7. Nothing really works fantastically, but I just tossed back some Mucinex. (The name is so disgusting, isn't it? I've got a bit of an allergy headache this morning. MOLD SPORES! DAMN YOU! Okay... it's moving on to migraine status... for the record.

    I've got to go join NaNo next week. I've been thinking that about fifty thousand words should finish two of these WIPs.

  8. and end parantheses.)

    I hate it when I leave parantheses hanging. It's a little awkward, isn't it?

  9. Your end parentheses made me smile. Your posts and comments tend to do that anyway.

    T minus 1 hour and 39 minutes until party time, and at least I feel there is nothing more I can do. It's like I'm being pulled back in a giant, human-sized slingshot. The potential energy keeps building and all I can do is wait to be flung out, possibly to splat against some ill-placed brick wall.

    Tina, I'm worse at the rewrites too, and I also love cake and holes, but more especially cake with holes. Like bundt. And doughnuts (donuts are better).

    Mucinex, lovely. Ha!

    The Twilight Movie was alright. I enjoyed it but I won't be buying the DVD. I shall watch New Moon with the hopes of lots of angst and bittersweet love.

    So anywayz, buuuuddy, two more people called, right as I was typing this up, to let me know their kids would be coming to the par-tay as well. Woot woot, bring it! I'm drunk on the adrenaline, what a rush! Let's double the guest list, bring your neighbors' kids, your cat's kittens, your dog, your friends from the gym, your granny and her crew of bingo hot shots, pack 'em in baby! Oh yeah! (Gotta say that in the Kool-Aid Man voice- OH YEAH!)

  10. Buffy! Buffy! Buffy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    (Thanks for voting for me on Carrie Harris' blog...)

  11. Diana, what about my cat? You said my cat's kittens, but having the furballs wandering around motherless seems irresponsible.

    CKHB, wasn't it nice to see a chant with your name in it? Well, not quite your name, and if I had any kind of a memory--I'd start a chant here with your real name. Instead you just get another:

    Buffy! Buffy! Buffy! CKHB! CKHB! CKHB!

    Oi! Oi! Oi!

    I also give you bonus points for using the word "Oi" in your post.

    Later, I'll tally up all the invisible bonus points, and the winner will receive an imaginary prize of a virtual cruise anywhere non-existant.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed.