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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Selling Crazy to the Crazy

Greetings from the puddle that is the PNW during the rainy season. I've just returned from dropping the kids off at school, and there was a puddle in the parking lot that had WAVES in it. We had WAVES lapping up against our wheels.

T was told that unless he is projectile vomiting on his classmates--he was not to come home.

Well, yesterday, I discovered that my mother is too busy to read this blog, so I can basically say whatever the hell I want without fear of repercussions. BAWAHAHA! It sort of takes the fun out of mild profanity--I won't lie. Still, better in the blog than in front of the impressionables.

So, I've been working on Honor Six again. For those that are curious and intend on hounding me for the information, Honor and Reeve get married in Honor Seven, "Honor Bound." I think. I'm still trying to figure out the placement of "Maid of Honor," though. Luckily, while I didn't get to sleep until 2 am, I went right to sleep then instead of staying awake until four am. I need to focus on writing until I get enough sleep. Rewrites may have to be put aside.

So, last night, I went to pick up one of my OCD meds, and it wasn't until I'd opened it up to take one outside that I realized they were purple. I've been on the same meds for five years now. (Yes--it's a little sad, but thus is OCD.) These pills are, and have always been, pink. Back to the pharmacy I went. The Tech looked at me like I was nuts for complaining about my random pill sample.

I have OCD--obsessive--compulsive--what part of "you can't just throw pills in a cylinder and expect me to be okay with it" did he not understand?

Luckily, he realized immediately he was outgunned and dealing with the irrational and called for reinforcements. The pharmacist came over.

"Would you like us to make sure you have the right pills?" he asked.

Wendy's jaw dropped open. No. Yeah whatever. Slap some tic tacs in a container and that should be fine. Of course I wanted him to check.

"I've been on these pills for FIVE years, and they've always been pink," I explained.

He looked it up while examining the pills. I can see the "humoring the crazy person" going on, but I chose to ignore it.

Crazy people have rights too.

"You've always been on these pills, and they've always been that color," he said.

I laughed, because it was ludicrous. Seriously? They should have a note that pops up in my computer file while flashing "OCD" in big block letters. I think even people not obsessed with "sameness" would have noticed the color difference, though. Then, I gave him the look that said, "Go peddle your crazy somewhere else because we've already got our share."

"Let me look up the manufacturer," he suggested.

Yeah. Do that.

"Oh... that's it. This is from a different manufacturer--that's all."

My eyebrows raised. Could I let this go? Purple pills instead of pink? Would I spend the entire supply wondering if I'd been "had?" (The answer, of course, is yes. Yes, I would.)

The pharmacist cleared his throat and said, "We don't have any control over what they send us."

Crap. I brought my lame purple pills home, and I'll be forced to take them, but I won't be happy. Purple... not pink... purple. Oh, and because he had managed to make me think I was crazy, I looked at my empty RX bottle's pill description. Pink. They were pink. Different manufacturer, but they were pink. Lies--all lies. I can't believe he tried to tell me that they'd always been purple. Sell your crazy elsewhere, buddy--we're full.

There--just in case you ever have a strong desire to create an insane character. That's your dose of the reality of a person with OCD. It's a cold, cruel world filled with bastards trying to pass off damn purple pills on you.

(See--it's truly not as fun without suspecting my mother would be offended.)

In other news, my heel looks better today. Running would involve also swimming today, but I've done it. We'll see how I feel after yoga.

BTW, I should get going.


  1. Jaime was laughing so I came in to see what was so funny. Most of this post was funny but whoa, daughter, you have got to curb your tongue. Now I feel obligated to check here and read from time to time. You will never know when the Mom might strike, metaphorically speaking. For those reading this blog, please forgive my sweet daughter's lack of decent vocabulary. Surprising as she is an author and should know tons of alternate words.

  2. Sorry Wendy, make your swearing posts less funny next time.

  3. Oh sure... she posts, but she doesn't "follow" me. Geez, Mom.

  4. You're hilarious Wendy. I think purple is pretty. My mom doesn't read my blogs either.

  5. I think purple is prettier than pink but that's just me. I know my son's meds change color from time to time and he always notices.

    Don't feel too badly; none of my family follow my blog except my daughter (who doesn't always read it) and my niece (who I think has read the most recent post and nothing else). And you don't follow my blog, either, which makes me a little sad inside. ;)

  6. I don't? (I don't always connect blog titles to people, but I thought I'd tracked everyone down.) Off to follow you....

  7. Oh well, yours should have been easy to link to you. (Wendy rolls her eyes at her own dorkiness.) I can't believe I missed following yours. I love your words with footnotes. Two thumbs up.

  8. Ah thanks, Wendy. I'm sorry I gave you a hard time, but I really wanted you capture you as a follower. :)

    Of course, there's not as much to follow with my blog as with yours. I'm so busy with work, family, novel, etc., that my blog doesn't get fed nearly as often as yours. I'm working on that, though.

  9. I know I probably shouldnt have been laughing through that whole thing, since it was clearly important to you, but you wrote it in such a humourous way! I loved it! I could practically see you giving him the open-mouthed WTF look.

  10. Finally home, finally able to read the Wendy Blog in peace. A few points:

    1) Good luck staying dry, and keep away from library book drops in the rain.

    2) Thank goodness T is semi-well again! Woot woot.

    3) My mom and entire family is too busy to read my blog, but your mom commented!! And so did someone hugely important named Karen! And someone named Jaime was laughing so hard your mom came over to the computer!!! So you see, despite the possible profanity-monitoring, this is all very good stuff :)

    4) Yay on Honor 6! I will not hound you for information.

    5) The pills. So funny, your humor is always awesome. I can relate on so many levels I don't know whether to laugh or cry (okay I'll laugh). What's REALLY crazy is that the guy thought you should just be nonchalant over different colored pills that you would be ingesting. I mean, you're just supposed to assume the pharmacy is infallible? Ha! I question docs and pharmacists and dentists all the time, and I for sure would have asked about different colored pills!

  11. When I was pregnant with B, I had a bunch of pre-term labor, so they had me on meds to stop contractions. I was on bed rest at that point. Anyway, I had to get up in the middle of the night to take them. I got up for like a two a.m. dose and the pill felt odd, so I woke the husband up. It turns out that they had run out of the right size pills, so I was supposed to cut each pill in half. No one thought to mention it. I've also been given meds I'm listed as being allergic to and subsequently puked my guts out.

    Yeah... pharmacists are fallible. They've got a nice bunch of checks and balances in place, but still....

    I was a little shocked that I was the first person to get up in arms over a color change for an OCD pill there. I came home and told the husband, and he immediately asked if we needed to look it up to double-check. See! He understood. Of course, we've been married nearly twelve years, but still....

    Jaime is the younger sister, btw.

    Karen is the friend from B's due-date online pregnancy group. Wow. Karen and I have been friends for eight years. That's nuts.

  12. Eight, going on nine. Sheesh. Guess that means you guys need to make a trip down here to visit! (Yeah, I know that logic doesn't make sense...but it's my cute and clever way of inviting you guys down for a fall photoshoot and visit.)

  13. That sounds like fun, Karen. The kids have half-days the first week of November. Our car is having a water pump issue, but the Husband might be able to resolve it. I'll have to see what the budget looks like. (Filthy lucre is such a pain at times.)

  14. Hey, I've given you an award on my blog =]