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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting your Zombie on

While zombies may not be the new vampires as far as hotness goes, they do have a certain appeal. Along with the many books appearing on the bookshelves and movies in theaters and available at home, here are some sites to get your zombie groove on:

University of Florida has gotten way ahead of the curve and provided an emergency preparedness plan just in case there is an outbreak. This includes a helpful dispatch form that you can fill out quickly in the event of a zombie disaster.

Way to think ahead, UF.

Up until this scenario takes place, you can always spend some time listening to Jonathan Coulton's song about Zombies. This youtube video really gets the mood set.

Re: Your Brains

Still, not quite enough? You're looking for dancing? So You Think You Can Dance did a zombie dance three years ago, so you're in luck.

Still not enough? How about a classic? Thriller, anyone?

If you've studied up enough, then you'll be ready to get dressed up for the Zompocalypse. Here you go.

Wait... nothing says zombie like a wikipedia link.

Also, you'll want to go through a practice run: Zombie Walk Site.

There... you're officially zombied-up. Go eat some brains, everyone.


  1. Hi Wendy!! I'm back from the woods and we were spared from any zombie or vampire attacks. I will admit it wasn't a completely repulsive experience; not exactly "fun" but I could do it once a year. :)

    I wanted to tell you how I did the three column thing on my blog. I went to The Cutest Blog on the Block (just Google it. It's the first one). Scroll down and on the left in a light green box called, "It's All FREE!" there's a thing called, "Free Blogging Secrets." The third secret is called: "How to Get a 3 Column Template". Follow the step-by-step directions and that's it. Hopefully it works as easily for you as it did for me :)

  2. I'll have to go check it out. Woo woo!

    You say "spared" vampire attacks, but Hollywood would have us believe that you missed out. Edward could have totally made you immortal, but you probably all sprayed down with "bite-be-gone." It's a shame.

    You're probably better off without a zombie attack, though.

  3. Speaking of vampires, I got my bff, Stephanie, a magnet that says, "Why so sullen, Edward Cullen?" while we were in Forks over the summer. There was something just so flippant about it that I liked. All the "team Edward/Jacob" and gooey stuff made me yag.

  4. I'm catching up because of the camping trip and also, yesterday was the younger son's 2nd birthday so there was all the usual bday hoopla. The magnet made me laugh, your posts and comments tend to do that, ha! That's one of the reasons I love coming here. Your sense of humor is on the same frequency as mine :)