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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love me, Worship me... it's all I ask. Curse you if you don't!

Today, I got my ermine cloak from Ms. Di. (She assures me it's faux and no ermines were killed to make it which is good because ermines are so cute. Plus, draping the skins of dead animals around me sounds a bit freaky--unless it's leather because I'm a hypocrite.) I won on guesses for Nathan's paragraph contest. I didn't win in the contest, but I did really like three or four of the winners. (I thought some of them WERE NOT paragraphs, though, and while I don't mean that to be sour grapes... I need some white space. I totally can't read long paragraphs... or faux paragraphs.)
I also got a scepter from Diana which I've been swinging around and hitting the husband with it. I think he is making me breakfast so the beatings may be over.
My brain is uber sluggish this morning due to a sleeping pill induced night of sleep. Friday nights are becoming the catch-up night for sleep since I can actually conk out without the kids missing school or all of us missing church.
I went running thursday night in my new shoes and discovered that running in new shoes without bandaging up my heel is a mega-stupid idea. I ripped the skin right off my right heel. It's so nasty that I'm tempted to post a picture. It's THAT nasty. It's crossed over to gruesome. I'll have to really bandage it up for today's run. (Yes. It's a sickness. It's the endorphins. I love me some endorphins.)
I finished up "You Suck" by Christopher Moore yesterday while cleaning. It was mega, mega awesome with an awesome on top. It was sophomoric and stupid in all the right ways. I listened to it on audiobook and the reader deserves kudos. On the other hand, none of my family may read it due to the number of highly offensive words. I find myself offended with myself because I wasn't as offended as I should have been. It seems like novels are shifting more and more to treating the f-word as if it was a mild profanity or an adjective. In their defense, they're attempting to mimic real life... which is just so, so sad. I spoke with some people this week who said that my books were the only "adult" books they were reading anymore due to the profanity and sex in mainstream books.
This brings up a point: Why are young adult books becoming so popular among adults? Is this why? They have less profanity and sex and there is something nice and more fantastic about that? Is it because their topics aren't as realistic and we have enough reality in our own lives? Is it because many adults are trying to recapture their youth? Perhaps, it's just a lot of adults previewing books for their kids....
In the course of reading Nathan's paragraphs before they were siphoned, I read a paragraph that started out stating it was for a Young Adult audience and then proceeded to make my eyes bleed with profanity. It was so bad that I wondered if it was a joke... or if this person was a parent.
So, unfortunately, while I loved "You Suck," I can't recommend it because those with a more spiritual bent might wonder if I'd decided to take the straight route to hell. I also will need to spend the rest of my day in quiet contemplation and trying to purge my mind of profanity.


  1. By the way, that post above SHOULD have more white space, but blogspot is determined that it shouldn't. I tried... really. It might be something to do with the picture. I find it highly annoying. Grr.

  2. If you increase the size of the text it gives you more white space by the way. I surprised at how much profanity there was in some of those paragraphs too. I'm equally surprised at how much garbage is creeping into YA books. Why must we corrupt the minds of our children - yes teenagers are children still in my opinion. Sorry about your heel. Your amazing that you keep running - I would make that the perfect excuse not to run.

  3. The husband is unimpressed with my desire to go running. It might have something to do with the fact that I had to have him put on the NuSkin while I bit down on something for the pain. It might just have been getting a glimpse at the back of my heel period....

    Either way, when I said, "I might not be going running tonight."

    The husband replied, "Yah think? Yah think you might want to rest and let that heal?" I'm pretty sure he was being heavily sarcastic.

    I'm hoping my next layer of NuSkin isn't quite as painful. I like pain as much as the next person, but that was WHOA levels of intense.

  4. The third level of NuSkin didn't require biting down on something... or perhaps it was the fourth... pain makes things blend together.

    The husband nixed running. I'm pretty sure it's because he loves me and is trying to save me from myself and not just because he doesn't want to hear me whining or go through looking at my nasty, oozing heel. I also like to think he was grimacing while applying the NuSkin due to my extreme levels of pain and not just because it looked so foul. It was hard to tell, though, honestly.

  5. Wow, you are a masochist! Running? Crazy. I'd be a runner but, unfortunately I have the lung capacity of a small rodent. Can't do it. I used to power walk, mountain bike extreme and generally beat up my body in the guise of exercise. Now I just walk my dogs and beat myself up by trying to write. LOL
    I LOVE YA novels! I think it's because I missed being a YA myself. Really. Too serious. Too self-critical. I agree that there are a lot of books out there that push the envelope with the profanity and situations. But, I think that's the case in every aspect of life. I love the authors like Suzanne Collins that can write a brilliant novel without using profanity, can incorporate the violence necessary to move the story without it being too graphic and gratuitous.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the cloak and scepter, they came back to me in excellent condition. Please update us on the heel! My heel feels sympathy pain!!

    And add me to the I LOVE YA novels list! But I grew up on Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught, neither of which were YA but both had teenaged heroines, ha!

    I am not a moral-high-ground person. BUT. I do tend to enjoy books that don't have gratuitous anything (sex, violence, profanity). Too many f-bombs and I duck and cover. Too much sex/violence for no reason and I skim. Another BUT... When done right, sex/violence can be powerful and even benefit the story if it drives the plot forward. That just isn't the case with every book, whether YA or adult.