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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Punctuation and Document Quandary

So, I had my computer fried earlier this year, but luckily, I was able to get copies of all my mansucripts from my sister. Well, I discovered that the documents have issues with a hard return in between paragraphs, so I've been going and taking out all these hard returns. Now, I just realized... and please let this just be this particular document... that the apostrophes and quote marks are not changing to the new font. So, if I add an apostrophe or quote mark, it shows up differently than if I leave an existing one. So, I have all these lame punctuation marks that I'll have to go in and switch out one by one. Has anyone encountered this? Is there a "fix" that you know of?

All my newer documents have been done in Word 7 so there isn't an issue, but these ones from prior to that are a big fricken' pain. I should go back and look at the other documents, but the thought of fixing all the others makes my brain hurt. Seriously... apostrophes look different in every font... why are these staying static? Grr.

Edited to add: WOOO! The bad news is... all the other documents have the lame punctuation. The good news is that I did a "find and replace ALL" and it worked. (I tried to do a find and replace individually, and it didn't work.) I have no idea how or why, but it worked. Bizarre. I'm calling it magic.


Okay... you may all now get some sleep tonight. We're good.

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  1. Glad that worked out. I've been through the pain of trying to reformat old documents too. No fun!