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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cheaters sometimes prosper


So, I entered this contest like two weeks ago, and it ends this week, and I was doing really, really well.

The husband said, "The way the contest is based on votes, don't be surprised if someone comes from behind as the manipulate the system." The husband even knows how to do it--to cheat the system. (The husband is very smart... very, very smart.)

I said, "No, we absolutely will NOT be cheating."

So, suddenly, this morning, this guy who had like six votes and entered at the very beginning gets over thirty votes within a few hours. It's unlikely and smacks of voting fraud. Also, I got a load of votes against me... which is sort of like kicking a puppy, but whatever.

Anyway, either way, it's a little depressing to stick to your guns knowing you're going to lose. Bah! That lame high road doesn't always win the prizes.

In other contest news, the 24 hour fiction contest I entered announces its winners this week, and my check for the Mary Shelley contest was cashed this week. Yay! I'm excited about the 24 hour fiction contest. I did it mid-September and when they said they'd get back by Halloween... I secretly hoped that was a "worst case scenario" date. Apparently not.

In other, other, other contest news, I'm planning on working on an entry for the "genre wars" contest this week.

Still, I was doing so well on that one contest. (I've got a bit of a one track mind tonight.)

Oh well. I'm going to go munch down some sour grapes.


  1. I've only ever entered one contest, and after re-working the piece quite a bit since then, I don't hold out much hope for winning. Bah!

    Good luck!

  2. Boo to cheaters! As Buttercup's old crone would say, "Boo! Boo! Rubbish! Filth! Slime! Muck! Boo-boo-boo!"

  3. True love saved you in the fire swamp, and you treated it like garbage!

  4. By the way, for those still unslammed by reality, nice guys sometimes finish first, crime can pay, and the bad die young occasionally. Those apparently can't be taken to the bank either.