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Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm such a heel....

Since Diana asked, the heel is still looking vile, but I'm stupid enough that I was going to attempt to run anyway today. (It's the endorphins from running. I always turn into an addict. I've heard you can also get them from sex, and I'm sure the husband would like to test that theory, but thus far, I've gone with running.) Luckily, T has ruined that plan. (The running plan... I mean. Both kids have mostly ruined the sex plan, but that's to be expected for the most part.)

I've basically ripped the top layer of skin off a nickel-sized portion of my heel, so I have no idea how to get it to heal well and fast. It's bright red and just so ugly. If I saw this on my child, I'd freak out. (For those that are unaware, I'm possibly the worst person to have around in an emergency.) So, thus far, I've tried NuSkin... which may have helped, but I think the wound has chucked it. I've tried bandaging it, but that is managing to make it look spankin' new each time I remove the bandages. I've tried leaving it unbandaged, and that was so freaking painful and might make small children run in terror. So, last night, I coated it in first aid ointment and covered it with bandaids--that seems to be working the best. It's hard to say, though, because it just looks so nasty.

I have no idea what to do. Anyone have any magical ideas? or non-magical ideas? Basically all ideas are welcome.

I'm still tempted to post a picture, because I'm "like" that. If you ask the husband, he'll tell you that I'm constantly asking him to "smell this--it's disgusting" or "taste this--it's inedible." I like to share the freakish nature of vile things with those I care about. Still, I don't want to ruin everyone's Monday. Well, and I won't lie... this factors in, I'd have to get up and find my camera or phone.

UGH! T is chatty. He's already told me that I had enough of a break from cleaning, and I should really get to cleaning. Not vacuuming, of course, because that would be monumentally annoying to him.

WHY? WHY? WHY? Wendy tips head back to ask the heavens for patience.

T is on his third g0-gurt.

So, the nasty sore? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Must go find something to bang head against.


  1. Update- T just finished his fifth go-gurt. He is currently playing with a pretend canned food item (which is making inexplicable spaceship noises) and a strange ninja alien figure (whose input sounds like a toilet plunger.) He's sick alright--I'm just not sure it's in the way I expected.

  2. I really wish I had a medicine woman answer for you regarding the heel. Sounds amazingly painful. Bad spot...constant friction. But, my experience with wounds/first aid indicates you are doing the right thing with the antibiotic ointment and band-aids. There's really not much else to do.

  3. Lmfao. As sad as this may sound, I'm extremely curious to see what it looks like. Man do I ever sound sick, LOL!

    I have no remedies for you, but I hope the bandaid/ointment trick works!

  4. I'm with Natalie! Intensely curious over here to see the vile wound. LOL (do it- do it- do it!)

    I also don't have any remedies. I'm constantly bumping and smashing appendages, but luckily I don't seem to break the skin. Plus I'm a weenie and ugh, running sounds so aerobic. I wouldn't know what to do about a blister, much less a full on patch of lost skin (eeyew!!). My advice might not work, but if it were me I'd lie around all day with my foot up, then when it heels (ha ha, pun) I'd get a foot spa massage, ahh those are heavenly

  5. If you do decide to post a picture, make sure you've soaked in the bath for an hour beforehand to make it look really nasty. I can't stand looking at the white, rough edges of a wound after it's been soaked. Bleah!!

  6. KAREN! Yay! Karen posted. (For my family, yes, it is THE Karen--my favorite Karen in the whole wide world.) Karen! Karen! Karen!

    Diana and Natalie, man... don't tempt me. I'm this close (holding up finger measured about an inch apart.) I like to share gross things. Although... I saw a two-faced cat yesterday online, and I don't think I'd share that. Okay... maybe after the husband goes to work and we can keep it on the low low.

    I'm pretty sure this is what all those agents' blogs call over-sharing, though. Meh! It was bound to happen.

    I've been trying to sleep for over an hour, and it's not happening. It's time to pick a WIP and get some of these ideas out of my head. Ugh. Which one, though? Honor Six? Chosen Changeling? My Dystopian? Crap. This is the problem with too many choices.