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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sucking the fun out of life or just sucking?

B woke up in the middle of the night puking and her fever keeps spiking. The husband doesn't puke but he had a high fever last week. It's entirely possible that I might be the last hold-out against this. The husband stayed home because I'm a social barfer (ie. anyone puking around me might cause puking.) He's better with sick people anyway. I have a severe contamination phobia. (Sweat and snot make my skin crawl. Actually, I insist that everyone keep their body fluids to themselves. I don't even like the feel of my own sweat. Yick.) Anyway, being around people oozing contamination is a situation to be avoided whenever possible. However, I adore my kids, and I kiss them a dozen times a day. It's instinctual. They're going to hate me when they're teenagers. I've already kissed their nasty, sick little heads a million times. I'm going down.

So, I'm going to start doing a "Twisted Tuesday" where I take a quote from a famous novel and use it verbatim in a completely different genre short story. Flash fiction with a psychotic bent... just for fun.

Some things I'm considering:

Heart of Darkness quote in a chick lit heartwarming story.

Jane Eyre in a Sci-fi or Horror.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a drama.

And so on.

I rarely post fiction online even though I think it's fun to write. Plus, it just seems like good practice. If anyone has any quotes come to mind to challenge me, bring it on. Unfortunately, this may just go to show you how truly twisted my mind is, but even psychosis has its place... hopefully not in a rubber room while strapped into a white jacket.

Oh crap. B just puked and the husband just left to return movies.


  1. Oh I want to see this in action. Maybe a Harry Potter quote in a legal thriller or a quote from Gone with the Wind in a paranormal chick lit. Just thinking out loud.

    I'm still working on your Movie Mad Libs game... something from The Princess Bride might be fun.

  2. And good luck with the sick kids, hopefully your husband's back!!

  3. I just used a Gone with the Wind quote in a Sci-fi short story. (The 24 hour fiction one.)

    I like the Paranormal chick lit with a classic combination, though. Harry Potter in a legal thriller... hmm.

  4. I was just thinking Anne of Green Gables as a horror, but I'm not sure I want you to go there.

  5. Sadly... I will go there. I have no shame. Horror is a lot of fun. I could even do a Poe-style classic horror.

  6. Velveteen Rabbit vs. Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi