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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Mantra

I found this on someone else's blog and went to the source. It's fricken brilliant.

The Writer's Mantra-

“I am the Leviathan of Pop Culture.

"My stride is mighty, encompassing continents of fiction. My footsteps reshape mythologies; I clap my hands, and history trembles. I inhale fragments of story, and exhale epics that make Kings weep. I paint the world as it should be, and the very atoms of the earth reassemble themselves to emulate the perfection of my vision. No empire has existed that cannot be recreated in my image, and no future can escape my influence, for my paper is the Universe, my Pen the hand of Creation, and the words and images I create the fabric of existence itself.”

Boo yah...

I really need to accomplish something today... beyond yelling at the husband for going to work when his 103 degree fever didn't break until near midnight. (Idiot.) Seriously, I was dealing with three stubborn children today. I told him I'd kick him in the head if he came home sicker than when he left. (Yes... it's cruel, but how else will he learn? )



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