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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arr... which be him who stole me treasure?

Sharks be in the waters today, matey, and we be but chum. Early it twas when I awoke. Eager to make me mark upon the world, I opened up the missive. Twere a contest... and a bloody battle to boot. Never having run from a skirmish, I set aside me plans and tapped a message across. Beautiful twas. Whether it lead me to riches or ruin remains to be seen. I took no prisoners, raised no white flag, and we'll be waiting until Davey Jones rises up from his locker to stalk his prey.

I felt under the weather when I woke up early, but it was the day of the contest, so I quickly opened up my email. The topic was difficult. Originally, I'd planned on thinking about it, but I decided just to dive in and work on it. It turned out well. I don't know whether it will win, but I did my best, and I already sent it in. They'll send out notifications for the winners before Halloween.

By the way, today is official "Talk Like a Pirate Day" just in case you were wondering.

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