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Friday, September 18, 2009

Top o' the morning to you!

My ears hurt, my throat hurts, and I'm producing snot at an unheard of rate.

So, I mentioned that I'm doing this fiction writing contest this morning, but I should have posted a link just in case my brothers were interested.


I saw the contest in my Writer's Market, and I was intrigued. Anyway... it's tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be too miserable to force my brain to work... a little.

I finished "writing" the super secret project last night and I'm in the process of rewriting it. I'm still hoping to make the LULU deadline so I can get two or three copies printed out. BAWAHAHA! It's much shorter than my other books but it felt right to be shorter... I think.

I should get to that... and eat breakfast... and decide if I'm going to yoga.

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  1. Nice blog, I like the ladybug theme :)

    Not to comment on several posts at once, but aren't those lovely worded rejections the best and worst?

    Keep at it and take care,
    Diana :)