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Sunday, September 20, 2009


So, I mentioned that people are proof-reading the Honor books, but that's not entirely true. Those that are interested in proof-reading have been telling others... who've told others (who've borrowed my review copies) ... who've loaned it to their moms/ friends/ book club. I think I have three complete sets of the books and about six copies of the first two books in circulation. What typically has been happening is that everyone who reads the first and second books... contacts me as if they're admitting to an addiction and then they beg for the other three. I got one such call last night. It's actually very odd. I had someone beg me today to be able to send it to her mother. Today at church I took five books with me to distribute to various people.... The husband finds it amusing that the books have rabid fans already. I have about a dozen people who ask me frequently if I've finished book six yet, and I feel guilty working on anything else knowing that. So, if I actually have to go through the process of gathering these "review copies" back in, it's going to be a fight. There will be some kicking and screaming.

Anyway... so this is leaving me a little torn.

The book may be difficult to market to publishers because:

It's the first in a series... and while it ends... it leaves a definite opening for a future book.

It's written in the first person. (Both of the series are written this way. I think this is the "character development" issue mentioned.)

The market is saturated with "vampire" books... and while this is very atypical vampire book... it's still a vampire book.

Here are my possibilities:

A. Fix typos, possibly add a prologue, and find an agent to address any other problems.

B. Fix typos, possibly add a prologue, and send it to other publishers.

C. Do a larger rewrite before doing A or B.

D. Overhaul and write in third person.

E. Overhaul and make it into a standalone book.

F. Set aside and work on other projects that have possibly more marketability in order to get "in the door."

G. Consider self-publishing.... and I don't want to.

I'm leery of the idea of doing a frankenstein surgery on Honor among Thieves because I've had so many people tell me it's good just as it is. Plus, I just don't want to. I don't think there is anything "wrong" with it. DAW may not have been the right publisher to send it to, though. Honor Among Thieves is a more casual, humorous read than many of the other books they've published.

I'll be honest that I take criticism very poorly in regards to this book because I'm not sure that I've found the right path to take it... and not that there is necessarily anything wrong with the book... minor things aside. So, when someone criticizes it... it's always because they think they're being helpful. They wouldn't normally be critical of it... at least that's what my experience has seemed to be in regards to the other copies circulating. Those that are just reading it because they're curious... become rabid fans of Honor's. It's a good book.... I know it is. Just... where do I go now?

Ugh. What to do?

This is mind-numbing. I need to figure out a plan, but I just don't know where to go from here. October is fast approaching and this "get a real job" deadline is looming.

Maybe I'll think this over today while I'm working on writing book six... or editing "Quality of Justice."

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