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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Treasure! Treasure! Treasure!

All that glitters isn't gold, but sometimes it is:

Hoard of gold found

As the rest of the world is celebrating Punctuation Day, I found my mind drawn to more earthly matters.

Treasure fascinates me. I love treasure hunting books. I've just recently ordered a subscription to Lost Treasure. I don't know if it was the early exposure to Indiana Jones or just some innate desire, but it hasn't faded. I really want to blow off my rewriting and go pick up some books on lost treasure at the library after just seeing that article. I don't know what it is.... I'm glad I wasn't alive during the gold rush... I would have been one of those consumed with the idea... the snarling badger prospectors who shot people that came near their find.

Well, I have a lunch with a friend this afternoon. I'm so excited. An actual meal... with actual adult companionship. Then, I need to do more cleaning.

I didn't make it to the end of The Ruins but it's taking a twist that I totally didn't see coming. Shudder. There is a reason it's classified as a horror. I've also just read spoilers... accidentally... and grr at the ending. Why Scott... why? Anyway, I'll finish it anyway, but I'm a little disappointed Scott Smith didn't follow the rules. There are rules for a reason... after all.

Anyway, I should get in some re-writing time before my lunch "date." Prepare to meet thy maker, Adverbs and Passive Voice! Wait... that's me. That doesn't make any sense.

Ta all!


  1. Wendy, you're a woman after my own heart. I am fascinated by treasure stories! I think it was all those trips on Pirates of the Caribbean as a kid, but if there's a treasure story I'm all over it. In fact, the closest thing I ever came to selling a story was one called A Christmas Treasure! Ha! (And yes, it had a treasure in it).

    If you want to have a blasty-blast with Punctuation Day check out the blog over at Upstart Crow Literary.

    And thanks for the trip over to my blog, it's nice to have company. Plus you seem really cool :)

  2. I already posted at Upstart Crow Literary this morning... they're awesome. Way ahead of you, Diana. Hah!