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Friday, September 25, 2009


That was your evil laugh for the day.

So, I went to yoga this morning, but it was just Stephanie and I so we wound up talking while stretching out.

I'd no sooner gotten into the car, when it hit me.... We'd touched on a topic that would be perfect for a YA Horror novel. Perfect. Now... what do I do? Why now? I have rewrites to do. I have queries to fix. I have a house to clean. I need to finish Honor #6 or one of my other current projects. I've got kids to take care of. I was going to get in a run this morning. I'm approaching my October deadline. Sigh. I don't have time for a good idea. On the other hand, I like sleeping.

I have so much to do that does not include sitting down to a new novel. Maybe if I write an outline... I can back-burner it.

Besides, is there even a market for YA horror?

Oh for crying out loud... must... not... start... new... novel. The worst part is that I get distracted by newness. If I let myself get started on this book, it'll be all I can think about.

I need to get laundry done today. Life demands attention. Must not start....


  1. Outline it!! Or at least throw down some plot points. Of course you have to finish Honor #6 before you get to anything fun with the new book but it'll have marinated for a while by then.

    There's definitely a market for YA horror! I see and avoid those books every time I'm in the bookstore, Elizabeth Chandler and someone Cusick come to mind but I'm NOT an expert because I'm a big chicken. When the time is right you can always do a search on Query Tracker with Horror as the first variable and YA the second but you probably know the drill there. Have fun!

  2. Loved the evil laugh! I agree with Diana. You should outline that sucker so that when you do have the time, you can write it!

  3. Of course there is a market for YA Horror! Goosebumps, Eerie Indiana. And those are even for younger kids usually!