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Friday, September 18, 2009

Onward... onward... onward....

So, I just finished editing the YA project I was on and sent it to LULU to print out so I can go nuts with a green pen on it.

I'm thinking about where to go with Honor now. I noticed some more typos in my last run through it, and Heidi is suggesting a Prologue. So, that is on my mind. Overall, I'm not as disappointed about DAW's rejection as I might have thought I'd be. DAW is a ten on awesomeness, and I'm sure they have enough of their own authors with books to print that very little in the way of breakthrough novels makes the cut. There is another agent that I'm considering sending this book to.

I have a printed copy of Re: straint that I need to go through. Stephanie did a once through on it already, so I'm adding my green pen to her pencil. After I've gone through it, I can think about where to go with that.

I also should finish up some of those other projects. I know where I'm going on Honor six... and so it should go fast when I start plugging away at it. I also should work on the Sci-fi dystopian.

I really, really shouldn't start a new book. Really... really.... I can feel this story wiggling its way into my gray matter, though. GRAY! Crap... I was going to do a search and find on that last book to see if I switched between grey/gray. It's a stupid little thing, but I live my life in the details. I also generally do a toward/towards check also. Dang it.

Ehh... I doubt any of my proofreaders will need to gouge their eyes out over a grey/gray issue.

Well, this is a boring rambling post.

Yay! Tomorrow is contest day! I'm excited. I work well under pressure. Woo woo. Tonight is going to be like Christmas eve for me. I'll hardly be able to sleep for excitement. There won't be sugarplum fairies dancing in my head, though. All this cold medicine has made me start having those dreams where you suddenly realize you're naked in a public place. Two nights ago, it was in a restaurant. Then last night, it was a Target. I must be getting old and married because after a bit at the restaurant, I just tried to play it off like it was no big deal. "Yeah... I'm naked. Whatever...." I leaned back and cross my legs while kicking a foot. "So what... it's unhygenic but I'm not wasting soap." The people around me actually bought it too. Suckers!

Okay... I'm going to go read a book.

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