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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slowly, Madly, Deeply

Dear Sue Grafton,

Thank you for tearing a hole through those other authors. Thanks to your slasher review... I've looked up the issue with adverbs, and I can see now that my writing has strayed to "telling" instead of "showing." I'm currently working on a rewrite of Honor which now has an awesome prologue, and I'm hoping to carve out the detrius so it drops below 100,000 words again. It's made me take a good hard look at my writing so that I can avoid ever having you knee-cap me. I've been cutting out those stubborn adverbs at a feverish rate... and I think the book will be much better because of it. Also, I'm changing my current motto to WWSGD.

P.S. I hope we never meet in a dark alley... regardless.

Wendy Sparrow

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