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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You wanted more zombies...

Ugh. I got a solid eight hours of nyquil-induced sleep, but I woke up the very moment it wore off. We're out of Nyquil, so I've moved on to thera-flu. Instead of the regular lemon-flavor, I got cinnamon flavor. It's vile... almost as vile as know-it-all brothers.

On hell-hounds: I did speak to someone at Wal-mart when I was buying dog food for Nanaimo last Saturday.

(As an aside, there was a woman there who went into a sneezing fit that lasted nearly five minutes. My OCD makes me fairly uncomfortable around sick people... sneezing people make me nearly insane. I could actually feel my skin crawling each time she sneezed. I'm sure everyone around her was feeling completely sorry for her. I was hoping she'd cover her mouth and hold down until her head exploded. So, now I have the mother of all colds... coincidence? HAH! I'm adding "sneezing person" to my list of people it's okay to kill in a horror novel.)

So, Walmart... I was at the cashier and talking about the woes of finding dog food for a large breed dog. I told her Nanaimo, my dog, is a husky/lab and weighs in at around 70 lbs. She trumped me with a great dane. Her healthy great dane weighs 150 lbs. She has to buy specialty dog food. I had no idea that great danes weigh that much. After she said that, I felt like I'd brought a poodle to the party with Nanaimo. Seriously.... It had me reevaluating how much a hell-hound might weigh. (It truly did. This is why writing can be so torturous.)

Blech! Oh... vile... vile.... Why on earth did I get cinnamon-flavored thera-flu? I can only assume that I was drunk when considering its purchase. I hate cinnamon-flavored anything... unless it's frosted or covered in whipped cream. Cinnamon flavored medicine? What fresh hell is this? Blech! Nasty! I'm not drinking the dregs even it cures cancer and paints rainbows.

I might just miss Yoga though if I don't get some meds tied on and it's the first class in a long time. *cough Stephanie cough* My yoga instructor went to Hawaii and came back for a week only to head off to Disneyland for a week. *cough Stephanie cough* Then, she keeps whining about being busy with her child starting Kindergarten. They kill off the whiny ones, Stephanie. Remember that.

I can't believe the nyquil woke me up like this. I don't like seeing this side of morning. I feel a little like a vampire myself. What the hell is that smell? Oh... it's the smell of five a.m. I always knew it would smell this bad.

Sigh... I can feel the medicine-induced zombie-hood coming on. Moan. Brains.... Brains.... Moan.... Must... find... brains....

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